Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Callings Not Careers

It's pretty exciting to get a new office, definitely when it is your first one.  I remember putting my books on the shelf, arranging my desk just right, placing my diplomas on the wall, hanging my wife's picture in just the right place.  As I sat down behind the desk and surveyed the room I felt so important, so very, very important.  I envisioned the next forty years, the church where I served growing, writing a book, becoming more important, more prominent, more famous.  I knew God doesn't make all pastors famous, but it happens to some, and hey why not me? I had made it, I was no longer working a job, I had started a career.

Somewhere along the way, and thankfully so, I made a monumental discovery - as ministers we have been given a  calling, not a career.  For those who have careers life is about moving forward and moving up.  Becoming better at what you do so you can make more cash and gain more influence. It's about prominence and promotion, working hard and getting ahead.

But callings are different.  A calling is about humbly being and faithfully doing.  It is about glorifying the one who has called you.  We have a calling.  God does not give us the ability to minister so we can become famous, but so that we can make Him famous.  He does not gift some of us with amazing preaching abilities so we can draw a crowd to amaze, but so that we people will be engaged with His Word.  He does decide that some of us will be awesome at organizing what would be chaos so that people will be impressed with our ability, but so that people will be effective in working together in the kingdom.  He does not give some of us such an intellect as to confound even the wisest in the world, but so that through our foolishness His wisdom might be glorified. We do not have careers, we have callings, and life will never be about us; if it is about the right thing it will always be about Him.

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