Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Welcome to The Timothy Chronicles. We, like Paul's young protege Timothy, are learning what it means to be agents of the gospel.  Some people call us pastor, some reverend, some preacher; but you and I know in our hearts that we are men called by The Lord to spread the gospel and make disciples.

You might be serving in a traditional rural church or in a cutting edge suburban ministry, but in the end the work is the same - love people, preach the gospel, follow Jesus and make disciples.

This blog is a chronicle of my discoveries on the road of following Jesus and making disciples.  I have been blazing the path of vocational ministry for over ten years,  but the newness of The Lord and what He does in my life and the lives of those around me is still amazing.  I invite you to walk with me, learn with me, interact and share some of your own discoveries.

Just as Paul poured into Timothy, let's pour into each other.  Be what God has called us to be, serve Him faithfully, and when we meet Him together in glory be amazed at all we discovered along the way.

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